Monday, September 30, 2013

What to do when your free cloud storage fills up

With the launch of the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2, Microsoft is joining the promotional cloud-storage craze, giving buyers 200GB of free storage for two years.

Like other tech companies that have offered similar promotions, Microsoft hopes you?ll use cloud storage to ease the burden your device?s somewhat skimpy flash storage drive. In a blog post, the company boasts that 200GB is ?enough space to take a photo, every hour, from the moment someone is born, to the day they graduate from college.?

Microsoft and other companies (like Google and Dropbox) don?t like to talk about what you?ll do after the promotion runs out. If you switch to a paid storage plan at that point, they?ll rejoice?but the recurring cost of such plans can be high, and if you?re not prepared to pay, you and your uploaded content could be in an awkward situation when the free ride is over.

So before you start uploading your entire digital life into sky storage, let?s take a closer look at how SkyDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox deal with your files after their promotional plans expire. The cloud can turn mighty dark indeed when your time is up.

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