Thursday, January 2, 2014

Best NFL apps for iOS

NFL apps for iOS

NFL playoffs are upon us, and football fans are likely getting pretty excited. There are a ton of ways to follow the action on your iPhone or iPad, and we?ve rounded up some of the best iOS apps for making sure you don?t miss a thing.

Even if you're not a big sports guy, we've included some top-notch football games here that just about anybody can enjoy.

Alright, ready for kick-off?

NFL Kicker

NFL Kicker for iPhone

NFL Kicker is the light and simple field goal kick game by the same guys that made flick soccer. Though the gameplay is fairly casual, the gesture-based controls are finely honed and give a really satisfying feel. Adjusting for wind is the biggest challenge, but multiple challenge modes provide plenty of variety, including a target zone challenge, time challenge, and a coffin corner pick. You earn coins which can be spent on upgrading your stadium with bigger lights and more seating, though you can skip all the hard work with in-app purchases.

NFL Kicker is bound to keep you occupied when not checking the latest scores.

NFL Mobile

NFL Mobile for iOS

NFL Mobile is the official NFL app which includes news, video clips, and live streaming for premium subscribers on Verizon or Bell. NFL also has its own fantasy football league which you can play in from the app. If you?re interested in a specific team, you can set alerts so you get notifications whenever breaking news hits.

NFL Mobile offers fast, polished football news right from the source.

NFL Pro 2014

NFL Pro for iOS

NFL Pro 2014 is a full-fledged, licensed football game that captures the football feel for those times when you?re all caught up with the real games. Players build and train their own team, recruit new talent, set the playbook, and upgrade their stadium. Premium currency is used to get new plays, though you also earn it occasionally by levelling up.

For those that want to have full control over their football experience, NFL Pro 2014 has plenty to offer.


theScore for iOS

If you're looking to catch up on news after the game, theScore is widely regarded as the best app out there. You can follow specific teams, get home screen widgets for the latest information at a glance, and notifications when things get crazy with your favorite teams. The best part is, you can keep tabs on any other sports you might happen to be into.

If keeping up to date on football news is your top priority, get theScore.

Yahoo! Fantasy Football

Yahoo! Fantasy Football for iOS

Fantasy Football is a massively popular phenomenon among really hardcore fans, and Yahoo! has an outstanding app for managing your team. You can keep tabs on player news, plan your next matchup or draft, and talk smack on the message boards. Scores are updated in real-time, which is perfect if you need to make some last-minute calls.

Fantasy football fans needn?t look any further than Yahoo! to get their fix.

Those are our picks, but there are plenty of ways to get in on the action. How do you plan on keeping tabs on the playoffs, or otherwise getting into the game?




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