Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bittorrent is brewing secure, serverless P2P messaging

BitTorrent, the company, continues its push to prove that the BitTorrent, the protocol , isn?t just for online piracy anymore. The company?s latest product tease is a new instant messaging service predictably dubbed BitTorrent Chat.

The new product is currently in a ?pre-alpha stage,? according to the company, meaning BitTorrent Chat isn?t ready for mass consumption. At the moment, the best you can do is sign-up for a mailing list to receive notifications about BitTorrent Chat and when it will be available to try out.

The new service will of course rely on the BitTorrent protocol to deliver messages over an encrypted peer-to-peer network. As part of its marketing hype, BitTorrent is pointing out that its peer-to-peer chat won?t need to store your chats on a third-party?s servers like the chat platforms from Facebook or Google do.

?Our goal is to ensure that your messages stay yours: private, secure, and free,? the company said in a recent blog post announcing BitTorrent Chat.

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Source: http://www.pcworld.com/article/2050357/bittorrent-is-brewing-secure-serverless-p2p-messaging.html#tk.rss_all


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