Thursday, October 3, 2013

Rockstar responds to GTA Online issues, is working 'around the clock' to fix things

Rockstar responds to GTA Online issues, is working 'around the clock' to fix things

Unfortunately, as many predicted, the rollout of Grand Theft Auto Online on Tuesday did not go smoothly for many gamers. On launch day many were unable to connect, or connected but couldn't complete the tutorial, or got into the game and ended up losing created characters. Rockstar Games has posted a list of issues players have reported and says the team is working "around the clock" (presumably the members of the team that aren't busy counting that billion dollar haul) on fixes. A problem limited the number of concurrent PSN users has been squashed, and they're working on unblocking users that can't get through the tutorial. For the time being, the team has also disabled the ability to buy ingame cash with real money. If you're one of the players affected, keep an eye on the support page for all the latest updates, or contact Rockstar Support via Twitter or on its website, while general suggestions for the online experience should go to We've had more success logging on in the last few hours, let us know if your online crews are connecting with any success. If they're not, check out Joystiq's early impressions of the multiplayer for a taste of what GTA Online has to offer, when it's working.

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